Reflections 2013

2014 journey

2013 has been one of the most critical year in our lives at Catalyst. Looking back, I feel proud and satisfied at the way the firm has shaped up. If I were to look the key highlights of the year, I would point out the following

  1. Getting a great team in place – This year saw the addition of two critical people in the core Catalyst team – Ranita and Rashmi. Further, we got associated with some really great trainers and assessors (Madhur, Upasana, Shivani, Kaveri etc to name a few) and each one of them have brought something new and exciting for us to learn. One of the most important ingredient of the way we work at Catalyst now is fun and that’s thanks to the people we work with. We have got a great team of talented and passionate people in place and while we work seriously, we also seriously have fun!  Its great working with a team that’s as committed to every idea as we ourselves are.
  2. Delivering some really outstanding projects across industries – Be it designing the competency framework and delivering great ADCs for the insurance industry or delivering some sales effectiveness linked training for the frontline sales team at a retail giant or delivering a customised pan-India sales training programme for a pharma major or a one-of-its-kind TNA linked training for a real-estate player, we have delivered some good work which has received a lot of applause from our clients and given us many new learnings along the way.
  3. Arming ourselves with great new ammunition for the coming years –We have invested serious time and resources on up-skilling each one of us. Formally, we have added many new certifications to out kitty and are now equipped to take on many more challenging projects – we have added the MBTI (from Anahat), ADDIE (from Vyaktitva), ADC (from TV Rao Learning Systems), BEI (from Anahat) and digital marketing (from Digital Vidya). Informally, we have conducted many internal downloads on a host of topics ranging from Hogan Assessments to Lominger leadership framework to increase our own exposure to HR tools. We can now confidently claim to be an evolving learning organization.

While 2013 has been a year that we are very proud of, we are cognizant of the fact that the journey ahead  is long and challenging. We realise that 2014 would be a game changer for Catalyst. We specifically look forward to the following in the coming year

  1. Getting laser sharp strategic focus around who we want to evolve as
  2. Becoming long term strategic learning partners for our clients
  3. Keeping a strong eye on top line as well as bottom line to turn profitable

Thanks to all our clients (current and would-be’s), our vendors (content designers, website developers, video developers and the like) and the multiple people we work with (assessors, trainers, content designers and everyone) who have worked with us through this year and would be working with us for the many years to come. We look forward to a journey filled with quality work and great learnings! Happy new year 2014!


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