What’s Modi’s Leadership Style?

There’s been a lot of talk about the goods and bads of various leaders post the May 2014 Elections..
We are trying to capture the views of all about which leadership style the most talked about leader of today Narendra Modi has. Following the Hay Group’s well researched 6 leadership styles, here’s a brief write-up about each of these styles and an opinion poll at the end about what style he predominantly carries.. So, here goes..


1. Coercive Leadership Style: Do it or else..
Leaders tell staff what to do and expect them to do it. They then check over their shoulders and are more likely to criticize what they are getting wrong rather than praise what they are doing right.
2. Pacesetting Leadership Style: Do it how I do it..
With the assumption that the most effective way to accomplish a complex task is to do it himself or herself, the pacesetting leader leads by modelling and is apprehensive about delegation. He expects the job to be done to the highest possible standard and has very little tolerance for poor performance. Poor performance leads to the responsibility being quickly taken away.

3. Coaching Leadership Style: Help people grow..
The coaching leader pushes each member of his team to be the best that he or she can be. He spends time with each one to understand his strengths and weaknesses and develop him to deliver his best. This leadership style has a long term focus, even at the expense of short term performance. This leader would delegate responsibility keeping in mind who can learn from it best and not necessarily based on who can do it best.
4. Democratic Leadership Style: Many brains are better than one..
He wants to get the best from his team by sharing decisions and responsibilities. Keen to achieve commitment and consensus, they involve everyone in the decision making process. They reward good team performance rather than any individual’s work.
5. Affiliative Leadership Style: Create Harmony..
The affiliative leader wants everyone to get along. He strives for harmony in the team by focusing on people rather than tasks. They trust that is they treat their employees well, they would be rewarded with loyalty and high performance.
6. Authoritative Leadership Style: Shape the vision..
He is focused on communicating the long term vision and purpose and ensuring that everyone os aligned to and motivated by ‘the big picture’. They win people over convincing them that they want to do the job. They give feedback to people about where they are vis-à-vis their goals and create a positive climate, People under them know what they need to do, why they need to do it and why their role is important.


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