The debate between modern and tradtional hiring methods


One may argue that the most important task that your company has to undertake is recruitment. Finding new talent in the market is incredibly difficult and HR managers across the country have tried different methods of recruitment in order to find the best possible candidates for their organizations. Overtime there have generally been two different types of recruitment methods that are employed by HR managers across the world as mentioned below.

1.Traditional Recruitment Methods

Organizations around the world have reaped the benefits of the traditional recruitment methods which have served them well and delivered employees which have played a key role in defining their organizations:

Local Paper Advertisements – The best way to spread the word about new jobs is through local newspaper advertisements. One can argue that this is the simplest form of recruitment and yet the most effective method of all as well.

Local Employment Office Postings -Many organizations have employed recruitment methods which are based on postings at local unemployment offices, where there are bound to be people looking for a job and you are likely to find all types and sorts of employees.

Temp Agencies-One of the most used recruitment methods is through temporary employment agencies that can shortlist potential candidates for your company and find you experienced professionals in your field easily.

Internal Hiring-Another way of recruitment which has been extremely successful over the years has been the internal hiring program, through which the company often promotes employees who are already part of the organization into the positions for which they are hiring. This is one of the safest methods of recruitment, since you know all about the employee and the level of work you are getting from them.

Employee Referrals-It is one of most popular methods of recruitment which not only helps get quality candidates but also retain existing employees. It has significant cost implications as the money shelled out as an incentive to employee when their referrals are finally selected are usually much less as compared to what is dolled to hiring consultants.

2.The Modern Recruitment Methods

The 21st century has seen a significant rise in technology and has seen modern day recruitment methods grow in influence and make a difference in landing candidates for organizations all over the world.

The Power of Social Media-It is quite common to use the services of social media, when you are recruiting today, since it is both inexpensive and allows you to form a vast pool of potential candidates, within a very short period of time. Social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have communities where potential employees submit their resumes and credentials in the hope of landing a job.

Smart Phones-Smart phones access to countless applications and virtually any web page. Job candidates the world over are glued to their phones. Interact in their space by optimizing your careers portal, providing ample information about your company online, and even leveraging older phone techniques.

Event Recruitment-This concept has been pioneered by CISCO. Sponsoring events and building brand value is a relatively useful concept. Companies sponsor events which are related to their ethic value, value which they wish to represent through their association.

Online Assessment-Many organizations are tapping into the huge potential of online assessments, which help in selecting suitable candidates through battery of tests. Some of the characteristics which can be easily assessed online are aptitude, technical competence, psychometric profile, job related behavioural competencies etc.


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