Leveraging Technology to enhance Recruitment Productivity

technolgy support

Over the past decade technology has changed the recruitment industry dramatically. Undeniably, recruitment industry has now been relying on technology heavily right from sourcing to background checks to references. Traditional recruitment methods are slowly fading away. 20 years ago recruitment world was a lot different. Mail, fax, and word of mouth were the most preferred methods of resume submission. Employers didn’t expect hordes of job applications for any open job as it was impossible to receive that many applications. Social media has changed the way we communicate. This change has also created a significant challenge to recruiters. This change has also created a significant challenge to recruiters. For recruiters it’s the hordes of applications they receive via their Applicant Tracking System plus the potential passive candidate pool available online via social networks. It’s extremely essential for recruiters to have the right strategy in place to attract the right talent in this extremely competitive environment.

Some clear benefits offered by technology are mentioned below:

Integration – By Integrating Applicant Tracking System with other systems, organizations can ensure that candidates don’t have to fill same information multiple times. Once a candidate provides his details at one platform, it should automatically flow to other process like BGC, On boarding etc. This will help in improve candidate experience and company brand image.

Reduce Time to hire – Onset of professional networking channels like LinkedIn has created a common platform for recruiters and candidates. It is best practice for recruiters to leverage these platforms to create their brand identity and awareness among potential candidate communities. Via these channels recruiters can create virtual talent pool which can save time and create more efficiency in the hiring process.

Improved Productivity – Advancement in technology has made it easier for recruiters to understand their success of the hiring process. Keeping track of yield ratio, time to fill ratio, interviews to offer, etc., will give a good overview of the overall success of the hiring process. Best part, recruiters don’t have to calculate these numbers and these are readily available in your recruitment technological tool.

Improved Quality – Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruitment Survey suggest that leveraging social media improves candidate quality by 44 percent over those using only “traditional” recruiting techniques like phone screenings and filtering resumes based solely on skills and experience. Social media allows not only information about a candidate’s experience and skills, but a better glimpse into their lifestyle, values and their cultural fit, which is crucial for companies looking not just to recruit and hire, but also to engage employees and improve retention rates.

The Jobvite survey reveals that 80 percent of recruiters are using social media to evaluate a candidate’s potential culture match. The emphasis on cultural fit is a major reason recruiters are doubling down on social media as a tool.


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