Do only kids learn by playing games?


Catalyst’s approach to adult learning is unique, fun and impactful. Our approach to learning is game based to ensure participants are engaged in the learning process and internalize the learnings. As such, the impact of our programs is more sustained. Most of our training programs follow a structure where participants are divided into various groups of players/ observers and are taken through some meaningful games which relates directly with the learning outcomes of the programme. After they have played the game, they record their observations on response sheets by reflecting on their own. Finally, learnings are shared within the team in the form of structured discussions. The entire approach is supported by videos and other frameworks which would help re-inforce learnings positively. The beauty of the approach is that learnings are not enforced or participants, rather, they get co-created with the participant’s active involvement. Infact, every time the game gets played with a different set of participants, new learnings and insights emerge making the session rich and meaningful even for us as trainers.